Attention! Formica® is brand!

The company Formiline Indústria de Laminados Ltda. decided to inform the market the correct way to identify their products, as many housewives, carpenters, architects and decorators are just confused and not knowing for sure how to distinguish the brand from other manufacturers.

Today, there are some products on the covering market that use the traditional approach and the "brand name and gender of the product" to self qualify as Formica® . The consumer only loses because the characteristics of Formica® products have a better quality than those from competitors, which arenot laminates of high resistance.

Only the decorative laminates of high resistance from Formica® offer superior characteristics such as strength, high durability, excellent finishing, a variety of patterns and colors that other products cannot overcome. Professionals that arenot informed enough often call coverings as plastic formica, liquid formica or low pressure formica. None of these products exist or are manufactured by the group. Do not be fooled, Formica® is a registered trademark and follows strict quality standards certified by international standards.

To alert consumers and to position itself in relation to the confusion imposed by the market, the company created a symbol for the campaign, which will run on all parts, including ads in architecture and decoration magazines, as a warning, helping and teaching readers how to differentiate the Formica® real high-pressure decorative laminate from other lower-quality coverings.

Quick details

  • Formica ® is not a product, is a trademark.
  • There is no plastic formica or low pressure formica
  • Formica ® isnot plastic.
  • Formica ® isnot available in coated panels.
  • There is no such a thing as liquid formica.
  • In fact the painting (gofrato) has a similar surface to the decorative laminate, but the characteristics are not the same.