The best choice in coverings

The high-pressure decorative laminate from Formica® is the best and most versatile covering in the market, and it is indicated to use in both horizontal or vertical covering. Due to its high resistance surface, it can be applied to sinks, tops, benches, doors, shelves and all the furniture, while other coverings have restrictions and limitations due to low resistance surface. Several of them get scratches, yellow or stain easily when exposed to daily use, and some can not withstand even a hot pan. Be practical and have superior quality with the laminates from Formica®. And you can still choose between the 148 choices of colors and patterns with up to 15 different types of finishes that will make your furniture strong and beautiful. The above table illustrates the superiority of the Formica® laminates. Ask for Formica®. The best laminate.

Checked Itens
High Pressure FORMILINE
FF - Low Pressure
FF - Finish Foil
Cleaning and Maintenance
Superficial resistance
Resistance to heat
Water resistance
Pattern options
Finishing options
Product Reliability