George Westinghouse, a visionary American engineer, intended to manufacture his electrical insulator – Micarta. To put the idea into practice, he acquired a Swiss patent for gluing paper and mica with shellac resin.

: Daniel O’Conor and Herbet Faber – engineer and entrepreneur, respectively – started to develop a substitute for mica: Kraft paper, impregnated with phenolic resin and subjected to high temperatures. The laminate emerged, registered with the trademark FORMICA® (in English, substitute “for mica”).

In addition to electrical insulators, FORMICA® reached the automotive, electronics and furniture industries. Decorative laminate was also created, which could be reproduced in any desired color.

The resins became melanin-formaldehyde – adding more resistance, durability and attractiveness to the laminate. At that time, the new FORMICA® logo was launched. The upper line of the letter F houses and protects the other letters.

While FORMICA® was successful around the world, Plásticos do Brasil Ltda. was founded in Brazil. Among the various products, the company manufactured synthetic resins – and started to distribute FORMICA® laminates. In the first update of the logo, the F was already beginning to take on its traditional form – but with thin lines that represented the laminate.

In the 1960s, the logo underwent a renovation – which made the F more stable, just as FORMICA® itself became over the years.

Plásticos do Brasil launched the fantasy brand Formiline – which would grow incredibly in the following years. In the 1980s, the FORMICA® logo took on a solid red color. This brought better readability for the brand.

The FORMICA® brand becomes the property of Formiline for all of South America, except Colombia and Venezuela.

The logo as we know it today consists of the red rectangle (the FORMICA® Redbox), developed to be a strong brand with good applicability.


After more than a century of world tradition, FORMICA® continues to grow – operating extensively in the furniture and civil construction markets.

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