Formelt da FORMICA®

Formelt da FORMICA®

Hot melt adhesive

Now, bonding edge tapes to automatic or manual equipment is of superior quality, faster and more economical.

Formelt, a new hot melt adhesive from FORMICA®, is composed of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and has been specially developed to be used for bonding PVC, ABS, PS, PET edge tapes, resin papers and melamine laminate in edges of wooden panels.

Efficient and very economical, the new adhesive is specific for bonding edge tapes to automatic or manual equipment (edge ​​bonders), guaranteeing quality.

* FT01 transparent product. In packages of 5 kg, it has an internal quantity of 4.5 kg, due to density.


The time of the open adhesive depends on the nature of the substrate, the application temperature, the thickness and the closing pressure.

Do not heat the adhesive to more than 210 °C for a long time, as there is a risk of decomposition and decreased material properties. When the equipment has been stopped for more than 10 minutes, the temperature must be lowered to 120 °C, to avoid degradation and loss of product properties.

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