FORMICA® Adesivo CM 500

FORMICA® Adesivo CM 500

Mounting Adhesive

Mounts and fixings with maximum reliability.

High strength and immediate grip adhesive, suitable for installations and internal repairs in the most diverse types of materials. In addition to simple application, it is easy to clean and, after drying, can be sanded.

It accepts the most varied types of paints, providing an excellent finish due to the high resistance – eliminating in many cases the need to drill, sand and nail.

For internal and external use, it is indicated for bonding and assembling wood, MDF, plywood, drywall, expanded polystyrene, ceramic, concrete, metal, stone, glass and cork. It does not adhere to materials based on polyethylene, polypropylene, silicone and PTFE resins.

Advantages and benefits

– Easy application

– Excellent resistance

– Excellent performance

– Can be painted

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