FORMICA® Thinner

FORMICA® Thinner

It is indicated for dilution of fast drying products based on nitrocellulose, such as sealers, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and paints – which help both in the application and drying of laminates.


900 ml can

5 L can


During the application of FORMICA® Thinner, do not smoke, do not scratch matches and do not use tools or objects that cause sparks.

Toxic and dangerous product when ingested. Store in airtight packaging.

Use the product in a ventilated place, as prolonged inhalation of vapors can cause damage to health.

In case of irritation, seek medical advice.

Keep containers closed, out of the reach of children and animals and away from sources of flame and heat.

Use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment: mask with filter for organic vapors, glasses and PVC gloves. In the case of spray applications, use a spray booth with an exhaust system.

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