Our Quality Policy:

We at Formiline are committed to:

  • The economic / financial result agreed with the shareholder;
  • The provision of products and services that satisfy our customers;
  • Compliance with applicable requirements;

As well, with the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.


To reach the leadership in high pressure laminates in South America – as well as to offer the best solution for you – it takes study, dedication and innovation. That's what we've been doing for over a century.

See below our main tests.

Technical specifications NEMA LD3 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and ISO (International Standard Organization) 4586-1.

Certificação ISO (pt)

Certificação ISO (en)


FSC® - Good practices in forest management (PT)

Created in 1993, the FSC® is an international certification system that identifies products originating from good forest management. By purchasing certain FORMICA® products, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Scratch resistance


Here we check the surface resistance of the coating when it comes into contact with sharp objects. The result is higher than specified values.
See procedures

Water absorption


In this test, we measured the water absorption of the coatings, the total increase in thickness and also if bubbles, surface deformation or delamination appeared.
See procedures



This test checks the surface resistance of the coating, using sandpaper that simulates the friction caused by glasses, plates and other objects.
See procedures
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