Technical Applications

Combustion safety


FORMICA® Fogo Retardante is a solution composed of a special chemical that slows down the combustion and the spread of the flame, and depending on the area of this flame, this product has the property of not allowing fire expansion and extinguishing it. It is widely used in doors, fire doors, walls, partitions and elevator walls. It can also be used in the naval and automobile industries and in rail cars

FORMICA® Fogo Retardante has dimensional stability, high resistance to wear and impact. It resists heat, stains and is hypoallergenic.

Ensures safety and practicality in specific projects


Formipiso Dissipativo is a component developed especially for floor coating in areas where the dissipation of static electricity is essential, and the surface resistivity values of the floor fall within the range required by the ASTMD-257 standard (105 to 109 ohms/m²).

Dissipation is achieved by adding dissipative particles to the synthetic resins that saturate the component's reinforcement material. These particles are evenly distributed on the surface and across the thickness of the material.

Formipiso Dissipativo can be applied on ceramic or concrete screeds, raised steel, aluminum, chipboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) floors or in inorganic compositions. It is widely used in data processing centers, surgical and radiological centers, factory of electronic equipment and microcircuits, areas for processing and use of flammable liquids and gases, clean rooms, laboratories, telephone exchanges and recording studios.

Uniformity and strength for construction


FORMICA® TS Forma de Concreto is a Phenolic Structural perfect for the construction industry. Because it is structured with metal profiles, which guarantee greater dimensional stability, it is resistant to traction, flexion, compression, impact and moisture.

Under normal conditions of use, it can be reused several times. The surface that meets the concrete is perfectly smooth, resulting in an excellent finish and uniformity of the concrete surfaces.

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